Zazen with Jiko 2019

An unusual sesshin passed away. We have organized minisesshin in the occasion of special guest arrival - Jiko Daishi.

Although she has never been to szczecin before and barely know most of our sangha members, we all feel deep connection and friendship. 

Jiko shared with us important reflections on her 9-year sogenji practice,  also reconciling about the period when sangha was practicing with dying Seiki, her deep transformation that happened before death. This transformation has been manifested in her light, the goodness and softness given from the heart to all around. This raised up even more the faith in peaceful, unlimited, compasionate state of mind.

I remember Jiko from our first meeting in 2010 at rohatsu sesshin in Sogenji. A bit shy, quiet girl devoted to serious practice, her courage and determination ...  9 years has passed  and in my impression she has ripened so much under Roshi's guidance.  The words of master Torei comes to my mind : " with everythought there will bloom a lotusflower, each with a buddha. These buddhas will establish purelands everywhere and reveal the radiance of the tathagata beneath our very feet."  Looking at Jiko I had the feeling that today's society needs more people like her, and that the training of single person can have great influence on all around.  

The gift of light has symbolized not only outer offering but also the most profound radiance of inner wisdom, that will awaken all beings from the darkness of ignorance. The Buddha’s final advice to Ananda was, “be a lamp unto yourself.”

Jiko ! Thank you for your beautiful light, please visit us again and shine !



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