Zazen and movement workshops

Over the weekend of 18-19.06 I had an opportunity to lead with Jan special workshops for group of 30 people, during "Alternative theatre workshops" organised by "Kana Theatre" in Szczecin. Among many different lectures and classes, there was this special workshops about body-mind and it's functioning. It was divided into 2 parts, that in smooth and continued way turned one into another. First Part was connected body movement-led by Jan, the exercise method was based on teaching of Noguchi taiso technique. Second part was based on Roshi Shodo Harada's teachings of zazen and sousokkan breathing- introduced by me. 

As Itto Morita is describing : "Michizo Noguchi (1914-1998) used to be a high school teacher, teaching gymnastics before the second World War. He was desperate in the ashes of defeat, devastated by the aftermath of the war, and nearly committed suicide... But, something happened to him. He discovered the fact that he had his own body with its own weight, a tangible reality, and he was somehow alive. He started exploring thoroughly his tangible body and how to move it, and created a new approach to the body called Noguchi taiso by discarding the idea of anatomical skeletal body. Noguchi taiso, meaning Noguchi's way of gymnastics or his physical exercises, became gradually known to people through his teaching at polytechnics and others in Tokyo.  Especially young actors and dancers got interested in his ideas about the body and his unique physical exercises. In 1970s-1980s, young butoh dancers and students happened to learn Noguchi taiso and started using it for their butoh training. Sankaijuku, lead by Ushio Amagatsu, was one of them. Noguchi later worked for Tokyo Art University as a professor, and his approach became well known among drama directors and other related people who were keen about how to move or use the body effectively"

It seems like this 2 techniques gives somehow fullness of holistic being demonstration, at one side giving more feeling of body space, weight, and movement flow in Noguchi taiso exercises, at the other side aligning the body and breath, opening the mind and stopping the uncontrolled thoughts flow through zazen meditation. Both techniquest develope concentration of "ima kokoro", giving deep realization of being part of the universe, being present in moment and its constatnt change.

After this experimental approach, we have received many positive comments and words of thankfulness for this short but, very inspiring experience. It seems like it gave the attendants the feeling of depths of their being, showing what thier life path may be ... following one breath after another.

workshop leaders: Jan Turkowski, Szymon Seigen Olbrychowski
photos by Eduardo Gonzalez Camara


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