Yume / Dream

Yu me

In life we have dreams we have hopes, we have ideals. But what does it mean to have a dream? Everything in this world is in flux. No matter how real we may think things are, everything passes. We all think our life is special, but no matter how happy we are or how much we achieve, we all die. We live in a dream, in delusion. We can see the beautiful flowers and hear the birds' lovely songs, but we don't see what is alive inside that experience. We see a superficial layer of the world and acknowledge that as important. We don't see that it's all transient, at dream of a dream. Instead of realizing that we are living a dream, we take the superficial to be real and permanent. But in Buddhism we recognize it all as a dream and awaken to what is real. It is not hard to have a dream. Because we dream, we can achieve things. But have humans become any better for all the things that have been discovered and created? Have our values improved? Is the world any more at peace? We chase dreams, but we forget to realize ourselves. We have to see the reality and value of who is alive right here and now. When we awaken to the splendid value of each person, we no longer need to depend on dreams and hopes and ideals. Instead, we can depend on our own life right at our very own feet. 

from Moon by the Window
Roshi Shodo Harada

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