Szczecin Zazenkai reflections 05.2018

This weekend we had opportunity to practice zazen. Although it was only some hours in 2 day minisesshin, it reminded us this precious state of mind passed from ancestors to our times. Living normal lay life it is hard to find time and peace for proper practice. We meet occasionally, sitting zazen together once a week, easily forgetting about proper energy and quality of our sitting, our practice in years can become an ordinary habit. This kind of short retreats reminds us about real taste of zazen and its invigorating energy of samadhi. Waiting for the June sesshin.

"(...) Sakyamuni said to the vast assembly, "Through sitting in the lotus posture then samadhi is realized in the bodymind and its virtue and dignity can be recognized by the people. Just as the sun illumines the world so the mind is cleared of dullness, laziness, and indolence. The body is bright and not dull. Perception and cognition are also bright and supple. You should sit like dragons coiled. Just the image of the lotus posture brings fear to king of the demons of delusion. How much more so should he see someone sitting without collapsing or leaning but actually experiencing the truth?  (...) Why? If the body is upright, it is easy for the mind to be upright. When the body sits up straight, the mind is not weary, the mind is evened, intention is aligned and attention is woven with what is just present. If the mind is agitated or distracted or if the body wavers or leans they are restored and balanced. If you want to experience samadhi or enter samadhi, or even if the mind is just distracted and following various images, all such states can be completely balanced. Practising in this way, we experience and enter the samadhi that is sovereign of all samadhis (...) "

quoted from  "Dogen: Zen Writings on the Practice of Realization"
Presented to the assembly at Kippo-ji in Etsu-u, on the 15th of February, 1244.
Transcribed that night in the head monk's quarters by Ejo.

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