Our Mind Is New and Fresh Every Day

Our Mind Is New and Fresh Every Day 
In ancient China, a wise emperor said that in order to govern well, one must always have a new, fresh state of Mind.
To remind himself, he commissioned a wash bowl to be inscribed with characters repeating three times:
Our mind is new and fresh every day 

In the sutras it is written:
There is no mind of the past, no mind of the future, and no mind of the present.

Things of the past should be allowed to flow by in the stream: there is no point in trying to call things back. It is useless to cultivate feelings about things after they are finished. Since the future has not yet arrived, there is no point in imagining what is to come, to worry or agonize over things that are yet to manifest in the world. To fret uselessly makes us lose track of where we stand right now. The same goes for the present. Because it passes by instantly, we must not get attached to the present moment. There is only a single instant when a camera's shutter closes... only that unique moment is full, taut, and abundant - like free-flowing water. Rolling along unimpeded, it moves naturally forward. It is right there that we find the wisdom of the Buddha. 

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