Ohigan in Szczecin

On the 22.03 in Szczecin zendo a simple , yet important ceremony took place - “Ohigan” meaning the “Far Shore” . Shore of liberation, of enlightenment, as opposed to shore of suffering and ignorance. Commemorating our ancestors in recognising that "This Shore" are the 6 realms of existence and crossing to "Other Shore"  is breaking through the cycle of birth and death, enlightenment, in this life, here and now. Praying that "we and all sentient beings may equally bring to fruition the seeds of wisdom." In thankfulness to Zen Patriarchs, who kept those teachings- the boat to cross the river, alive. We sat 2 rounds of zazen and recited: Hannya Shingyo ,Sesonge ( last part of Kannongyo), Hakuin Zazen Wasan and Shiguseigan. After the ceremony we shared small talk and bowl of macha tea, remembering our parents, grandparents and friends who passed away. Gassho Seigen

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