Minisesshin 05.2019 reflections

Another minisesshin passed.

This time we paid attention on the life and death circle matter. Buddha taught that all sentient beings constantly wander around and around in the circle of life and death - wheel of suffering.

Migrating through six realms seen as not places but states of mind. As The Buddha taught that everything is created by mind alone. These states created by thought and emotions, manifests in our minds right now wherever we are in our life.  If we are attached to thinking, emotions and all inner states, we create, happiness and sadness, good and bad, heaven and hell, life and death. If we cannot purify our mind and let go, holding on to this states, then dying our karma continues to be reborn in one of these states. But keepeing clear, open, empty  mind moments, the six realms and the circle of birth and death disolves. Then we are free from the Wheel of Suffering.  

We have finished with Roshi's comment on last verses of "Hakuin Zazen Wasan" about experencing Samadhi in zazen, experiencing our mind - free, boundless like a clear sky,. "How bright and clear the perfect moonlight of the Four-fold Wisdom! At this moment what more need we seek?" 

We also feel the energy of new people comming and tasting the zazen practice, smoothly uniting with old crew sangha.


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