Meditation introduction workshops

Last weekend the "Introduction to meditation workshops" took place in our zendo, led and organised by Ninsei Koji.

The meditation workshops goal is to give the widest possible group of people tools to relax the body, calm the mind, improve the quality of breathing and increase the ability to concentrate.
Workshops opens new people the possibility of regular practice in the One Drop Zen Szczecin and by continuing this, do the sesshin with Shodo Harada Roshi.

 Workshops last about 3 months in the form of Sunday, 2-hour sittings. In the first month, the workshops are divided into one hour of lecture, discussion and a second practical hour. After there is 2 months of just practice.
The lecture part is to make participants aware of the way, principles and functioning of the human mind, in accordance to Buddhist teachings, but also given in a modern form and modern science point of view in the fields of biology, medicine, and psychology.

Practical part is the intro to practice of sussokan, only starting with sign of single flaps at the beginning and double at the end of each round.

After the course, each participant has the opportunity to continue the practice within the One Drop Zen Szczecin sangha, but not many continue to do this. It is mostly connected to Polish cultural conditions where people are looking for a way to understand and calm the mind but they are afraid of any religious agitation. Poeple connected to Catolic Church just stay on that way without criticism, or leave church loosing trust in any organized form of spiritual development or just continue more on their own, still being skeptic to estern religion forms and zen practice, never getting to know it.

This simplyfied only to sousokan form of zazen, is kind of contemporary attempt, easier to accept by Polish society and we see that it is interesting for quite big group of people, but at the end only  single people continue practice with our group. Still, if there would be only one person, I believe it is worth doing it. Deep thankfulness to Ninsei for his continued energy to lead the workshops.


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