Mansen no meigetsu nose'ete kaeru

Mansen no meigetsu nose'ete kaeru

„I fill my boat with moonlight and go home"”

This is the second line of a couplet. following " Still night, cold waters, no fish are biting." That express a state of mind of complete awakening. The bright, full moon shines , down from above. Forgetting the fishing line, forgetting the body, we are absorbed into this light, but this light is not the moon in the sky, it is the moon of each of us. All of the universe is one bright light. When we don't call even one thing our own, we have no fear of losing anything. We forget our body, and the whole great universe is our home. In our minds that are no thoughts to be caught on, no clouds, no problems. While it is human to not want to die, if we resist death we know even greater fear and terror. Money is convenient and useful, but we can live without it. If we think we need lots ot money, we become its slave. It we are caught on fame and knowledge, we end up in conflict with other people and are never free from our fears about wthat others think. To liberate ourselves from every speck of fear, we have to know that abundant, huge, wide-open Mind. Than we can see the world. We will encounter sickness, calamity, and death. Those are the real things of life. But when we receive it all naturally, our fear is resolved. Not one fish has been caught, but the boat is full of moonlight and we lightly row it home. To know this state of mind is the highest joy. Na matter where we are in our life, we are able to bring forth infinite wisdom and share it with others, and this is where the Truth is manifested. Mansen no meigetsu nose'ete kaeru

Roshi Shodo Harada 

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