Hokuozan family practice

Some years ago during one Q&A after a sesshin, someone asked Shodo Harada Roshi about how we should raise children. Roshi then replied that it is difficult for him to say because he himself has no children, but he is convinced of one thing, that children largely imitate their parents, and therefore we should carefully look at our own state of mind. It is the way we choosen to follow, entrusting zazen and clear mind.

During the retreat in Hokuozan in September, I was lucky to take my family with me. Paulina and I practised in the zendo, changing in looking after Seimei and Seigyoku during teisho and evening zazen time ( the names of the children were given by the Roshi some years ago ). Being in the sesshin with children is quite demanding because children are bursting with energy, they want to run screaming and constantly argue with each other about something. Fortunately, Hokuozan provides large garden space and separate accommodation, which allows to compensate for this excess energy. The best-shared fun in the world - SAMU also contributes to this. Children, if only allowed, are very willing to help us as much as they can in any work, participating in sangha allows them to develop their openness and cooperation with other people, gives them a lot of fun, builds confidence, freindship and memories. I recommend this type of practice for families.

With thanks to Sanga for practicing together as a big family.
Heartfelt thanks from children to Mauri for his warm heart,
ShoE for the opportunity,
and the Roshi for guidance.

Seigyoku, Seimei, Paulina, Seigen.

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