Gallery event - Reflections

Quoting an article published after the exhibition in local newspaper : "The exhibition of Taigen Harada Roshi calligraphy, Zen and calligraphy master, as well as the abbot of the monastery in the Japanese Okayama Sogenji Monastery,  where women and men of different nationalities practice Rinzai Zen, aroused considerable interest. In Szczecin Galerii111 , several dozen people interested in this extraordinary personality and philosophy of Zen, gathered last week .... One of the paths of spiritual development is calligraphy, hence the exhibition in the gallery and a lecture on the subject presented by Harada Roshi In addition to the main character meeting Harada was Urszula Broll, a painter for many years living in the Sudeten Osiek, for which the artist is inspired by Eastern philosophies, including Buddhism and Zen. Roshi Taigen Harada visited Szczecin for invitation of his disciples connected to Zen centerThe visit of the Japanese master Szczecin was documented by team of Polish Television led by Gregory Fedorowski. It is not known when the film will be emitted, but certainly interested people will not miss it..." All works ready for guests and the Roshi :

First guest - always smiling Gregory

Waiting for the Roshi: 

Welcoming the guests with some words presenting the Author:

Arrival of the Roshi:

Greetings for our special guest : Urszula  Broll

Roshi gives short but beautiful lecture about Zen, Buddhism and calligraphy.


Deep thanks for all people present at the event.

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