At night of 4th-5th of October, we could celebrate the " Bodhidharma Day" in our Szczecin Zendo.We made small ceremony with 2 rounds of zazen, teisho reading and sutras with additional Dai Hi Shu Dharani in commemoration of the 1st Ancestor. Teisho text was translation of Roshi's commentary to "Outline of Practice" believed to be written by Daruma himself. With that text we started the reading of all written sermons of Bodhidharma :
• Outline of Practice
• The Bloodstream Sermon
• The Wake-up Sermon
• The Breakthrough Sermon
texts can be found here: http://users.libero.it/seza/bodhidharma.pdf

After the ceremony we shared a cup o tea, sending best regards to all Hokuozan samu sesshin participants.

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