Bodhi Day in Szczecin

Bodhi Day is commemoration of the day that the Buddha achieved enlightenment-translated as bodhi in Sanskrit or Pali. Bodhi Day is celebrated on the eighth day of the 12th lunar month. This year in ODZ Szczecin we celebrated it during Sunday evening zazen (8.12.2013)

After several years of intense practice, Buddha Siakyamuni realized that enlightenmentwas is to be found through meditation, . The story tells that he sat in Bodh Gaya under a "Bodhi tree" ,  kind of Banyan fig - peepal tree, and didn't stop meditating until he achieved enlightenment. It is believed that it was after 49 days of His continuous meditation. Since then he is known as the Buddha of our era.

Most of Mahayana traditions including Zen in China, Japan and Korea is celebrating this day by  Dharma studying, sutra chanting, meditation  and performing kind acts toward other beings.

Our modest celebration included Hanya Shingyo chanting, flower, sweets and incese offering , sharing cup of tea with sweets together and Yaza sitting until midnight. We continued with monday mornig sitting.


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