La Otra Orilla-Other Shore

Spring Poetry 2012
The One Drop Mexico sangha came up with the idea of bringing a poem to the weekly sits and share it with the group after tea. Thank you Lynn and Luisa.
Here are some of them:

Abrazo el amanecer, me pongo en guardia de mis pensamientos, practico vivir el presente, el regalo que me une a la vida.

Descubro la voz que me guie en mi sendero, abro mi corazón, inhalo, exhalo, me siento en paz,

Meditation on a Ceiba seed. Carried on the Earth´s breath, - Air born

Clothed in softness and shine - Body worn

Containing the enormous potential - Budha morn.

The time shrinks, my vow stretches. An endless song so dear to my heart reminds me to look again into myself. the sun setting , the bird singing within.

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