La Otra Orilla-Other Shore

Mérida Zendo Tuesday Sits
The Mérida Sangha continues their weekly meetings and this is how it is going:

We sit zazen for 15 min of and then discuss a topic of interest. Last Tuesday we talked about mindfulness (how to be around difficult people for us- the ones that make us develop patience, generosity etc; and also how to be in difficult circumstances: like in traffic and cooking).   Sonia told a story from the Buddha and I read a poem. 

It went well and everybody participated.  Homework is to bring in a quotation, story, poem or personal mindfulness experience for next week and to practice the three morsels of food in our meals. To quietly bring mindfulness to food and what it means to be alive.  We finish the meeting  with another 20 minutes of zazen.  

Contemplating the wabi basin (Japanese round stone basin).  It is beautiful.  I've seen many drops ripple out and keep going (in a lake or pond for example), but I don't recall seeing the ripple hit the sides and then come back to the center again.  Going out and in and out.

Gassho from Mexico.

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