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MEXICO 2012 -Sesshin Impressions.

As some of you may know Mexico has seen a terrible increase of violence in the recent years. An open war between the government and the drug lords have killed 50,000 people since the war began in 2006. Our Zendo spent five years in the Northern State of Sinaloa, and it was due to the increasing unsafe conditions for civilians there, that we moved to the peaceful State of Yucatan. Our connection to the beautiful North in great need is strong and alive. We have learned much together and many participants to our February Sesshin with Harada Roshi came from the violent north. We will be posting here some impressions that are being sent by some of the participants.

This one was just written by Teté and is happy to share it with the Global Sangha. Thank you for sharing Teté!

"I am from the North of México, from the city of Monterrey. I was born in this city and in the last six years I saw it become no man´s land. A place of constant fighting between the drug cartels and the government. In these six years we went from being very surprised by the terrible cruelty of the violence around us, to see it as normal. As part of our every day life. We would always talk about how things were ok but I know that it was not true. We were actually living in absolute fear. Fear of constantly seeing death and violence close to us.  One year ago my family received the great blessing, through my husband´s work, to move to the city of Mérida in Yucatán.

I must say that I came to this city still in fear, I was not only afraid of people: I had learned to not trust; but was living now trapped by my inner fear. At some point I found ENen and the One Drop Zendo close by that have been a great blessing in my life. I have found a way back to myself, a way to peace. Today I can define my life as one before sesshin and my life after sesshin, having met the Roshi. Problems are still there but my attitude towards them has changed. I realized how amazingly strong my spirit can be, and how if I strengthen it, everything around me changes too. My family, my world. I discovered that if I can be at peace, my family can be at peace. I rediscovered how important is to love one another. A circle that is also transmitted. I want to fill myself and transmit to every person this Great Love. Love that emanates from everyone here at the Zendo. I learned so much and received so much love and light."


"Soy del norte de México, de la ciudad de Monterrey. Ciudad en que nací y que en los últimos 6 años se ha convertido en sitio de nadie y lucha constante de diversos grupos del narcotráfico. En esos 6 años fuimos pasando de sorprendernos ante los hechos crueles de violencia hasta verlos como normales y creer que no pasa nada. Pero no es así, viviamos en el miedo constante de ver muertes y violencia a nuestro alrededor.  Hace un año mi familia y yo recibimos  la gran bendición, por medio del trabajo de mi marido, para cambiarnos de ciudad a Mérida Yucatán. 

Debo confesar que llegue aun con miedo, y no sólo a la violencia miedo a las personas; aprendes a no confiar y seguía viviendo presa pero ahora de mi propio interior. En algún momento del camino encontré a Enen y al Zendo que han sido una bendición en mi vida. Me han ayudado a reencontrarme, a encontrar mi paz mental. Ahora puedo definir mi vida antes del retiro y después del retiro al  haber conocido al Roshi. Los problemas siguen ahí pero mi actitud cambio. Me di cuenta de lo impresionantemente fuerte que puede ser mi espíritu y como al fortalecerlo mi alrededor cambia, mi familia, mi gente. Descubrí que si puedo estar en paz yo, puedo lograr la paz en mi familia. Redescubrí lo importante que es el amor a los demás. Es un círculo, y además se contagia. Y quiero contagiarme y contagiarlos a todos de ese gran amor que  emanan  todos en One Drop Zendo; de quiénes aprendí tanto y recibí tanta luz y amor.  

Teté in the center

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