La Otra Orilla-Other Shore

Harada Roshi in México. February 2016

We were very fortunate to share this precious time together. We had two public events in Mexico City: A talk at COLMEX University and a calligraphy show at Tamayo Museum. We also shared our deepening practice in a three day sesshin at Totsu Totsu An In the foothills of Ajusco Mountain. The Teisho was on Master Yosai´s (Eisai) text: Kissa Yojoki. Everything was a wonderful experience to further inspire ourselves and connect and support each other. We also had the first Jukai (Taking refuge and Precepts) ceremony in Mexico. What a great joy! Thank you all for making this possible and for your continued strong efforts. More pictures here:

Mexico Opening Poem

All beings fundamentally have the Buddha mind,
To see truth and attain the way, where or what is there to overcome?
Straighten your body and sit erect, forget about merit,
Master Yosai´s discourse is so deep.

Mexico Closing Poem

Those who accumulate zazen are virtuous persons,
Their immeasurable sins are all diminished,
They know then that this place is the land of lotuses
And indeed awaken to this very body is the body of the Buddha.

Poema de Apertura -México sesshin

Todos los seres fundamentalmente tienen mente Búdica.
Para ver la Verdad y lograr el Camino, donde está o que es lo que hay que vencer?
Endereza el cuerpo y siéntate derecho, olvídate del mérito.
El discurso del maestro Yosai es tan profundo.

Poema de clausura- México sesshin

Aquellos que acumulan Zazen son personas virtuosas,
Sus pecados inconmensurables son disminuidos todos,
Ellos saben entonces que este lugar es la tierra de los lotos,
Y de hecho, despertar a este cuerpo mismo es el cuerpo del Buda.

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