La Otra Orilla-Other Shore

2018 Mexico Sesshin and Calligraphy show photos

We had a profound chance to practice and inspire each other. Precious connections were tied and many seeds of wisdom were planted. It is now our chance to recognize them and cultivate them carefully. Thank you without limit for making it all possible.

The Teishos were on "The Song of Enlightenment" -Shodoka.

Opening lecture on Shodoka:

Not seeking truth, not removing delusion
Ignorant and quiet, we begin the retreat
Unsure, we sing of enlightenment in the ancestral garden
Faintly mornings and evenings, we can hear the sound of bells.

Closing lecture on Shodoka:

On the ancestral mountain quiet and alone, we sing gatha hymns of awakening
Don´t say that a rough monk is blowing his horn
if you meet the Tathagata, open the secret method
I give you permission, the bright mirror has not yet been polished.

See more impressions of this precious time together, by following the links below

Sesshin Merida, Mexico 2018

Calligraphy show Merida, Mexico 2018

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