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ODZ Hamburg Germany

The group started in 2008 when meeting ShoE inspired us– for over 25 years a student of Harada Roshi- the group could feel the atmosphere and the serenity only long and dedicated practice can provide. Learning Zen “first hand” from a Japanese teacher who dedicated his entire life to Zen and represented the unbroken transmission of Buddha-mind since the historic Buddha, was enthralling for all of the group. ShoDo Harada Roshi represented for us the essence of Zen and his energy and inspiration bore witness to the deep transformational power of dedicated practice.

We meet on Wednesday evening at 19.30 in a place found by Jigyosei for a reasonable price for approximately 2 and a half hours. Our sangha counts 10 -15 people in total, but regular attendance can be down to a couple of people. NanShin is our Jikijitsu and the role of Jokei may change according to attendance, at the moment ShoGen helps out. We do two rounds of zazen, and intermittent kinhin. Then we read some lines from a teisho book by Roshi and continue by having tea and a snack and a further discussion about zen and everyday life.

Every first Wednesday of the month, we meet already at 19.15h for our one hour dharma talk. We will discuss on a traditionell zen or buddhist topic, right now it's the six paramitas. After the dharma talk we will do our usual zazen practise together an then go home with the silence. The dharma talk round is not just a scholastic way to go about zen theory or something, basically it is a chance to just share our practise and daily life experience, thus supporting each other. 

Due to the fact that many of our members have families and work obligations one of our main interests is "Daily Life Zen".Themes range from coping with crying babies, resolving marital conflicts, having a partner who is not into zazen, dealing with colleagues, subordinates or bosses, meeting strange people on the street, dealing with challenging situations of everyday life (e.g.,road rage), coping with work stress, zen mind and our place in society.

We hope in the future more members will attend our meetings regularly.We plan once in a while a Zen day with the whole sangha and our family members.

Furthermore we hope that we can contribute with our sangha that Zen finds a place in our society by developing a western way of Zen, which is still deeply rooted in the tradition of the east.

We wish, that Hokuozan will flourish and be a resource and energy center for all of us and all people interested in Zen and the spiritual quest. We hope that Harada Roshi is able to continue his regular visits to Hokuozan for many years to come providing us with the opportunity to take part in his sesshins and receive first hand instructions and inspirations.

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