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Harada Roshi


One Drop Zen Meditation and Yoga centre
Jurmalas iela 13c, PINKI, LV-2107

Zazen every day - more opportunities for regular practice!

Monday      07.15 - 08.45

Tuesday              07.15 - 08.45  and  19.00 - 20.30

Wednesday             07.15 - 08.45

Thursday             07.15 - 08.45

Friday                     07.15 - 08.45

Sitting zazen in 25 minutes long periods.  

Newcomers are invited to call in advance, and come 15 minutes earlier for introduction.

Every month last Sunday     18:00 - 21:00  ODZ Pinki  Silent Sunday zazen. 

Next practice dates are:  September, 24th; October, 22nd; November 26th.

Sutras,  Zazen, reading the Shodo Harada Roshi's text, Sarei (tea) and Talk about the practice.

Please, see our actual information on the web-site http://www.onedropzen.lv/rus/?section=dzen-meditacia  

Contact person:
Zanna Jelisejeva (Koetsu)
Mob. +371 29133596
e-mail  koetsu@onedropzen.lv

Due to Roshi's busy schedule this year, we are currently not accepting any new questions at this time

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