Sogenji monastery

Takuhatsu in Sogenji Japan

During Takuhatsu - the begging rounds that are made tree times a month - a group of about 20 residents, dressed in full monks gear, goes out begging in the local neighborhood, outskirts and Okayama inner city. 

It is a great experience, every time, to give all our energy to the streets and houses. HO means Dharma and apart from its meaning the chanting gives a good centered and stable energy, and when used really loud it is very helpful for becoming one with the environment. The Japanese people give some money or food while we chant a short Sutra for them. One of the Takuhatsu highlights is the route through in the big shopping street in the inner city. The sound echos against the roof that covers the street, and many people are there that want to hear the Sutra. The group is like a flow of pure energy going through an environment that is dominated by consumption and commercialism. It is a great thing to this kind of zen practice in the midst of daily life, and it helps to come in touch and contact 
with what happens in society on a very deep level, and at the same time realize the emptiness of it. Without much sense of where, what, or who, but only HOOOOO!, it feels like a very essential way of practicing charity.    

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