Sogenji monastery

Sanmon floating in green leaves

These days when walking back from the Hondo after morning Choka to the Zendo, looking over to the Sanmon gate, it looks as if it were floating among the fresh green leaves.
This is just as Shaku Soen described it in his poem when he returned to Sogenji, his place of training after thirty years. On this scroll in Sogenji it is written thus:

Shinryoku no bisan nozomi wa katazu
Issei no tou, Seiun ni sakebu
Sanju nen zen, Shikiri ni mimi wo sobadatsu
Sanju nen go hajimete kiku wo etari

The fresh green of the beautiful mountains
Thirty years ago the song of the nightingale was unnoticed
Thirty years later, as if hearing it for the first time

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