Sogenji monastery

Rohatsu Sesshin 2011

This year 52 people participated in the Rohatsu Sesshin in Sogenji Japan. There were people from 18 different countries. The Rohatsu Sesshin is held in commemoration of the Buddha's enlightenment when seeing the morning star. This year the last night of the sesshin, when we sit all night long until the morning sanzen at 2am, we had the wonderful atmosphere of a complete lunar eclypse. Around 10pm the bright full moon slowly disappeared in the earth's shadow, to create a scene of total darkness, when again around 1am the brightness of the moon slowly returned, leaving us in awe at this spectacle high in the clear winter sky.

At the JODOE, the ceremony at 6am the next morning,  everyone gathered in the Hondo, tied and chilly - the Roshi gave a poem.

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