Sogenji monastery

Lanning´s Family Jukai

At the beginning of May we had a Jukai Ceremony in which the Lanning family received the precepts. Roshi explained that the precepts are a guide to bring us back to live in the truth realized by the Buddha´s awakening. We take refuge in the clarity of perception that allows us to give everything we are and have for the benefit of all beings. The best way to return to that original view of the whole universe is through zazen.

Smitty received the name ESho which means Eternally Flourishing.

Chris is FukuDen: A field that brings good fortune and peace to the whole world. Angela is AnZen: Peaceful and deep quiet mind, and little Haru is SuZan: A huge mountain in which all beings will look up and respect greatly.

Mama and SuZan explore the Rakusu.

Roshi reads all the beautiful poems on each Rakusu.

A Radiant Day.

Wrapped by a whole Sangha celebratory meal in the Shoin.

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