Sogenji monastery

Kotai January 2013

In the monastery there are two training periods, the rainy season and the winter season. Today is the KOTAI the change of positions which means the new training period (rainy season) is starting. The different responsibilities were already decided by Hyakujo Ekai Zenji, who gave the basic outline as to how a Zen monastery should function. Now the Roshi decides each time, who would be challenged as well as supported by taking on a certain job/position. Below you can see the new Kotai positions:

Jikijitsu:Roshi, Joko: Doho,Ekei, Sogen Jisha (caretaker of the zendo, thebackgate): Bodhiprajna, Amos Zendokan (Zendoguidance): Daichi, Densu (Sutra Leader):Sogen, Doyu, Shogan Fuzui (caretaker of events withguests): Sochu, Shokin, Tenzo (main cook): Sochu, Gensei, Enzu (Gardener): Domyo,Daishu, Guesthouse: Jiko, Zomu (Repairing and organizing): Kozan, Jobul, Hakkakudo (eight corner building caretaker): Doho, Fusu (Finances):Roshi Shika(taking care of special guests):Roshi, Zendo(caretaker):Doho Ekei Domyo Raine Genshin Eduardo Rob David Myonghwa Assaf  IndosanSogenji: Bodhi, HokuozanSogenji: ShoE, TahomaSogenji: Daichi Dairin, Denmark Zendo: Daiko, SanDiego: Sozui, Enzo House (Hospice near Tahoma Monastery USA): Peter, Genshin

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