Sogenji monastery

Happy Birthday Buddha

降誕会香語 Gōtan E 8th April 2013
潅雨清々春草生 Ame Sosogi SeiSei taru ShunSo Shozu
黄鶯高唱独尊声 Uguisu Takaku Tonau DokuSon no Koe
二千五百年前瑞  NiSenGoHyakuNen Mae No Kizui
今日曹源自現成 KonNichi Sogen Onozukara GenJo Su

Drenched in rain, the fresh green of spring
The nightingale singing like the voice of the Buddha
The joy of 2500 years ago
Today its is brought forth of its own at Sogen

Becoming spring light already all over Sogenji
Willows are green, cherry blossoms white
There is no end to this joy in giving thankfulness to the Buddha,
offering sweet tea by pouring it onto the Buddha Baby Statue´s head 
and chanting the Happy Birthday Song

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