Sogenji monastery

Bodhidharuma Memorial Poem


鼻祖忌香語Biso Ki Poem
九年面壁恰似愚9nen menpeki atakamo Gu ni nitari
千古雄弁大丈夫Senko Yuben no Daijobu
心眼當開断生死Shoji wo Danji Shingan Masa ni hirakaba
西天胡子総無鬚Saiten no Kosu So ni Mushu
右Migi      正道九拝Shodo KyuHai
定中昭鑑Joo Chuu Shokan

Bodhidharuma after nine years facing the wall in Shorinji on Suzan, coming all the way from far away India, and only sitting for nine years. Not saying, teaching, showing a single word. A huge and impressive expression is being felt. Yet the Zazen of no words is teaching and guiding people still nowadays. This teaching is still now guiding people away from suffering, what a person of great compassion he is. We all for ourselves, going beyond birth and death, opening our true eye, if the eye of our mind has opened, then having travelled all the way from India, there was no one moving ever. When you realize that state of mind of nothingness, then everything is within it, no division and dualism, desire, and self-interest, when you go beyond that, that is where you can meet Bodhidharuma. That world beyond life and death, that is where you can meet him even now. That is the true path of Zen. 

JukaiCeremony (5th of October 2012)

The preparation for this that we do before the actual receiving of the precepts is of utmost importance. For our state ofmind to be purified, we must repent all of the things of our past. For us to beable to have met this opportunity in this life time, is a very rare opportunity. People in the world without having purified their minds, are all the time in conflict and friction and making many great problems in the world. To have this chance to come to this moment where we know, that all what we want is to realize our Buddha Nature, and with that state of mind to go into society, become the teachers, the leaders, the examples, for those who all need to realize this. Before receiving he precepts, we have purified our minds, that is to make ourselves into a great vessel that we can receive these precepts. People of old had many forms to purify their minds, but those practices of many kinds are not as central as acknowledging the words of: “All my ancient twisted karma. From beginning less greed, hate and delusion, born of body speech and mind, I now fully avow.” These words are acknowledging them and being aware that we are not able to complete purify our mind yet, to ask for the greater help and also to put in the efforts to purify this state of mind. To purify your state of mind is not done by an external practice, but by realizing our purification through Zazen.  In a state of mind when there is clarity, then there is no way for evil to enter. When our state of mind is purified and clarified, then of itself the wisdom shines forth. As it is said: When the sun comes out, then the warmth and the light are manifested. Through Zazen our state of mind becomes purified, and we realize the deepest state of mind in Zazen. Coming forth spontaneously and naturally, that is that great wisdom. It is what is necessary in the world for bringing anend to all these conflicts and suffering. And that is why for us to know this place of deep wisdom which is un-namable, called Buddha Nature, thus we make this firm conviction the review all of our past behavior. And to be determined in the purification of our mind.

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