Sogenji monastery

Bodhidharuma Memorial Jukai

Today being the memorial day of the passing of Bodhidharma, during choka, the Roshi gives a traditional poem, then the Ryogonshu Sutra walking style is read. Here you can see the Bodhidharuma statue from the Hondo in Sogenji.

Thus this special day was chosen for the JUKAI lay ordination of six sangha members. After the choka the lay ordination ceremony is read, and the Buddhist names are given to each person. Recently the Roshi explained about the Buddhist names in the q and a section:

" A lay ordination is only being given according to someone´s wish, because it is the expression of commitment for a life time to follow the path of the Buddha. Taking this deep wish as most important, the name is chosen according to the deepest inherent wisdom. The person receiving Jukai having this deep wish, that is why we call them by that new name. Life is about polishing your wisdom, that is all we need to deepen and strengthen".


The people receiving the lay ordination are:

Leah, from USA and her Buddhist name is: Genshin Daishi – Profound Truth - 玄真

Kostya, from Russia and his Buddhist name is: Seitoku Koji – Pure Virture - 清徳

Anya, from Russia and her Buddhist name is: Seishin Daishi – Pure Mind - 清心

Malgorsia, from Poland and her Buddhist name is: Wako Daishi – Harmony Light - 和光

Toon, from Holland, and his Buddhist name is: Shokin Koji – True Koto * (Japanese Instrument) - 正琴

Marloes, from Holland, and her Buddhist name is: Seigen Daishi – Pure Depth - 清玄


*This name comes from section 34 of the 42 section Sutra where it gives the following story:


One night, a Sramana (renouncer) was entoning "The Sutra of Teachings Bequeathed by Kasyapa Buddha."  The sound of his voice was mournful, for he thought repentantly of his back-slidings, born of desire.  The Buddha asked him: "What did you do before you became a monk?"  "I used to like playing the lute," he replied.  "What happened," said the Buddha, "when you loosened the strings?"  "They made no sound."  "And when you pulled them taut?"  "The sounds were brief."  "And how was it when they were neither taut  nor loose?"  "Then all the sounds were normal" replied the Sramana.  To this the Buddha said: "It is the same with a Sramana studying the Way.  If his  mind is properly adjusted, he can attain to it, but if he forces himself towards it, his mind will become weary and, on account of the weariness of his mind, his thoughts will become irritable.  With such irritable thoughts, his actions will retrogress and, with such retrogression, evil will enter his mind.  But if he studies quietly and happily, he will not loose the Way."

 Later on today there will be the full monk ordination for Yamato Koji, who now received the name Gensei Zenji, Profound White - 玄精禅士

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