Sogenji monastery

Buddha Carving Workshop

The Rinzai School in Japan, the Roshi being the main responsible in Okayama, is inspired to carve 20.000 Buddha Statues. These are in memory for the people who died during the Japanese earthquake last year in March, and once the number is complete, will be given to families and relatives of those who have died. By now already 5000 Buddhas have been carved; they will be gathered in Matsushima Zuiganji until the number is complete. A professional Buddha statue carver from Kyoto is travelling with some volunteer through Japan to lead these workshops. Today at Sogenji 30 sangha members and 21 priests gather for this event. After reading a sutra for Rinzai Zenji in the Hondo, everyone gathers for the 4 hour carving workshop in the Kohojo.  Impressions taken by Marloes.


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