Zazen is the essence of mind as is...
Harada Roshi


Zazen Schedule

Schedule 2019/2020:

Zazen on Thursdays at 19:20 

Introductory meeting on last  Saturday of the month at 17:00

Every last weekend of the month: 

Saturday: Zazen at 18:00 folowed by Sutra chanting, Sarei and Question and answer.

Sunday: Sutra/Zazen/Samu/Sarei from 9:20 to 12:40

Weekends Calendar 2019-2020:

28-29  December

25-26 January

22-23 February

28-29 March

25-26 April

23-24 May

27-28 June

25-26 Julay

Closed on August

Due to Roshi's busy schedule this year, we are currently not accepting any new questions at this time

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