Indozan Sogenji monastery

First Zen retreat at Indosan Sogenji in the monsoon season

From 21st of 2012 to 26th of 2012, at Indosan Sogenji Zen monastery, we had a first Zen retreat. 12 people became shramaner (novice) and some lay people participated in the retreat. The retreat was done in the midst of many difficulties.  There is no electricity, no water source on the land (there is a bore well, yet no pump running yet) and no Zendo, no kitchen. Food was cooked outside using fire wood from the nearby mountain.   The participants were very determined. They worked very hard and faced all difficulties,  Zazen was done in the tent; the water was carried from other wells to cook food and drink, sutra chanting and Zazen in the morning and an evening was done in the light of kerosene lantern.  Some times there was rain. Discourse topic was “Buddha and his Dhamma” written by Dr.Ambedkar.  People from outside came to attend the discourses.  Food and other daily needs were donated by Budddhists people from Adilabad city. During the discourses participation of lay women was very sizeable.  

More pictures here in the First Zen retreat gallery.

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