2014 Year of the Horse - Chokudai: SEI Purity

Awaken your vows, lift up your spirits! No matter how long it takes!

Without notice the spring arrives, surrounding the old dojo.

Weapons already laid down, arrows shot into the sky,

The dragon horse returned to the sunny side of Mount Kasan

2013 Year of the Snake - Chokudai: Stand

Drinking down the Universe, all dualism is extinguished

When no fixed forms are anywhere, then wherever you stand is true

Entering the weeds and becoming a snake, our boundless intent

Is to be ever fresh in our vow to love all beings.

2012 Year of the Dragon - Chokudai: Cliff

The dragon is bringing forth great waves and drinking up heaven and earth
Difficulties have opened our eyes, cutting through the root of life and death
Pressed by a rock, hanging from a cliff, the flower grows upside down
The wish for new life comes forth, the source for great peace

2011 Year of the rabbit

The message of the quietly returned spring,
The old Zen Temple
In prostrating to Bodhidaruma,
The whole assembly as One.
One flower blossoms and five petals open,
The Mind Direction of Bodhidaruma.
The Path of the Ancients reaches
To the four corners of the earth.

2010 Year of the Tiger

The old tiger, in one great roar, shakes the ancient wind.                                                                                                                                                           

On Gokoku mountain, the new spring morning´s light illuminates the sky.                                                                                                                        

From the beginning of the year many people gathering,                                                                                                                                                                   

For what do they pray?                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

For the Four Seas knowing true peace, giving life to the Patriarch´s zen.

2005 Year of the Rooster

The new year opens as the dawn bell rings out,
Entreating us to see the truth within us all.
In this time of tragedy and sorrow, keenly I feel
How vital it is to realize the Spring of Enlightened Peace.

2004 Year of the monkey

The one drop of Sogen relieves The whole world's thirst
The iron headed people of practice gathering with vigourous full tautki
From sunrise on the new year's morning,
Hands and feet of the awakened move in prostration, dancing eternal life.
In this new spring, singing our life is the way to the peace of the world

2003 Year of the goat

To celebrate the new spring
At the ancient zen temple
From west to east they gather
The ones of iron resolve.
More than the sacrificed sheep's life,
The great vow energy is prized.
Dharma Light once again radiates throughout one thousand worlds

2002 Year of the horse

Break the circle of love and hate
Like a burning house
Stop the love hate attachments
Then the true universe appears
There are ten thousand things in a man's live
Nothing more than the horse of Saio
Discouragement and deceive put aside
And the iron tree will bring forth flowers mysteriously in endless spring

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