Altar Set up

Before CHOKA and TEISHO following preparation:

1.      Pull out the mat and place purple cushion on it, about 1 m distance from altar

2.      Put fresh water into cup

3.      Light candle

4.      Light a charcoal KOTAN on the candle until it is burning about half way, you can blow carefully on it to speed up the process

5.      Open the incense powder box and place lid on left side leaning on the box

6.      Place Ihai for Teisho for Author of teisho text (if needed)

During Samu the jisharyo cleans the altar:

1.      Change flower every day, it can be simple, preferably a straight green or flower

2.      Clean excess wax on candle

3.      Sift ash through a sieve. Do not press the ash down or the charcoal cannot burn. Rather loosen the ash up.

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