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The Sunday Zazenkai group of Kenshoji in Kumamoto on Kyushu came to sit together with the Zazenkai at Sogenji last October. Now according to the Chinese saying of Orai - paths get made by going back and forth - returning the visit, the Zazenkai from Sogenji and old time sangha member traveled for a weekend to the temple Kenshoji where Doryu Osho, one of the earliest students of the Roshi is now abbot.

Doryu Osho giving a tour of his temple as well as explaining the 16 arhat scrolls. 

There was also some time for sight seeing, visiting the 400 year old castle of Kumamoto...

..as well as the famous Suizenji garden.

Both zazenkais being inspired by the exchange, about daily practice, sharing questions and teachings - the next exchange is already in the planning.

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