Year of the Horse 2014


Ningen Banji Saiou ga Uma

In the life of human´s
everything is like the horse of Sai

During the Kan dynasty there was an old man in Sai (at the border to the country of the Mongols) whose horse had run away to the bordering country. Everyone felt sorry for the old man, yet he replied: "It is not certain that this will not turn out to become a fortune." A little later, the horse returned, accompanied by another beautiful horse. The people were filled with joy, yet the old man replied: "How can one know that this is not the source of misfortune?" These horses gave birth to a beautiful, young horse. The son of the old man would play with this young horse, fell off it and was lame due to that accident. Everyone felt pity for the old man, yet he replied: "How can you say that this is not the source of great fortune?" Soon after this a war broke out and all the young men had to go to fight. Yet since the son of the old man was lame and could not even work for himself, he could stay home. Many sons from other families died during this war, yet the son and the old man were safe in each other´s company. 

One never knows how things actually turn out. To not be overindulged by what seems to be great fortune, neither to lose hope by that which seem hard to bear. Receiving all that life gives us with a humble heart.

This is our prayer and wish for the New Year.

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