Walking, I reach the place where streams run out

Yuite wa itaru mizu no kiwamaru tokoro 
Zashite wa miru kumo no okoru toki 

Walking, I reach the place where streams run out 
Sitting, I see the moment when the clouds arise 

In his definition of zazen, the Sixth Ancestor says that za means to not add any thoughts or concepts such as good or bad to that which arises externally. When we receive each thing just as it is, just as it comes to us, we are not caught on a small self. We do this not by struggling, but by drinking down everything that comes along without imposing any judgments, going beyond all dualism and simply reflecting whatever comes. Swallowing everything down, we don't feel small or narrow. This limitless essence of mind is za. 
Zen is to know our mind's essence from within, with nothing lingering there at all. We need to establish that inner essence firmly and not be moved around by external things, receiving everything as it is and holding on to nothing. To see within and not be moved by anything that comes along is zen. We become like a mirror that reflects exactly what it sees. If a man comes in front of it, the mirror reflects a man; if a woman comes in front of it, it reflects a woman. It reflects an old person as an old person, a young person as a young person, a sick person as a sick person. Our mind is capable of clearly seeing the good and bad aspects of everyone. But if we pass judgment on another based on what we see, we are thereby giving importance to our own position. Because we can't hold two points at the same time, if we hold on to our position we become caught there. When our mind does not move to criticize and judge, we reflect things exactly as they are. We can then work freely, and our mind's essence is stable. This is the subtle flavor of zazen. In each and every moment's encounter we know the truth. The essence of these continuing clear mind moments is zazen. Zen is to see everything around us broadly while also doing the work that is before us. Functioning in this way we know the mind of zero, like a mirror that adds nothing to what it reflects. Yet itis not about being void. We are full and taut in very part, and  without losing our essence we know deep smadhi
The Sixth Ancestor said: "Cut off all ideas of good and bad concerning the outside world. Then without giving rise to any ideas of what rises and falls , we sit." This is the world of "Walking, I reach the place where streams run out; sitting, I see the moment when the clouds arise."

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