Wake up Call Number Four

Wisdom One:
Great Perfect Mirror Wisdom. This
is our experience of how there is no
separation between self and other; and the
simultaneously direct knowing beyond a
shadow of a doubt that we are not separate
from anything. The flower's face is my face.
Wisdom Two:
Universal Nature Wisdom
This is experiencing directly that all of the
ten thousand things are equal and of one and
the same Buddha Nature.
Wisdom Three:
Marvelous Observing Wisdom, is unerringly
seeing the precise and individual qualities of
each and every person, object and encounter.
This seeing is beyond judgment, subjectivity
or attachment to any form.
Wisdom Four:
Perfection of Activity Wisdom is an
expression of our innate ability to know
and act simultaneously. As we directly
perceive in each mind moment, without
separation or subjectivity, we act prior
to mental formations about what we are
perceiving. We discern directly what is the
most necessary and appropriate action in any
situation to relieve pain and suffering and
guide to awakening.
With mentally inconceivable precision we
speak,act and relate in each moment.

Giving life to these innate four bright
wisdoms, we can be a true living instrument
for the liberation of all beings.

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