Tsusendo Mumon Roshi

Memorial Poem

Long doubt over and over trying to walk this path
On a spring day
seeing into his true nature
No boundaries left
Never again feeling alone
Tsusen's Zen

(Mumon Roshi'father wanted him to become a lawyer, yet upon reading the words of Confucious: in a peaceful world no lawyers are needed. His doubt grew about what to do. Finally becoming sick with tuberculousis, thinking it would be better for him to die. Being bed ridden for 2-3 years. On a warm day of June, he felt well because of the warmth outside and went onto the porch. He saw the white Nanten flower swaying in the wind. What is moving there? The wind? Wind is air....when this thought arose he was as if struck. His eyes opened. Because of the tuberculosis his breathing had been difficult. This air which made his breathing so difficult also was embracing him. He had forgotten about this huge energy. When realzing this, his strength returned. The wind had pointed at his mind with the flower. Great joy and amazement arose. Never again feeling lonely because he was at one with this huge force. Deciding how he would live from now on: walking the path of the ancients. Tsusen's zen - Mumon Roshi's roshi name Tsusendo.

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