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Once again, on Ocean Day, Roshi came to Tokyo to give dharma talk, and sit with us here at Tokyo One Drop Tekisui An. - After offering the sutra for Shougen's mother who left the body 8 months ago here at Tekisui An, her home, Roshi spent the morning responding  to the needs of care givers be it professional nurse, the harp player at hospice or just an individual with cancerous family members. He reminded us that thru zazen we cultivate that eye which sees through the suffering, through the form, through what is happening outside, and that deep breathing always brings us back to where we need to be. Afternoon session was very focused and time flew by while Roshi clearly explained the depth and the meaning of the Five Precepts and beyond.

In Japan, Mindfulness meditation a la Plum Village Thich Naht Hahn style is becoming explosively popular, especially after this years Mt.Fuji Retreat where 240 people received the Five Precepts from the Brothers and Sisters of the TNH lineage. It was my grave concern as to how these people were to continue after this lay ordination. The need to clearly understand the meaning of receiving Five Precepts and what each meant became urgent, thus the request for Roshi. As TNH, Roshi emphasized that without the sangha, it's nearly impossible to maintain and keep practicing these precepts. Also he reminded us that to receive these precepts means you commit for your lifetime, to follow the teaching of the Shakamuni Buddha- a point often overlooked by those who might have more casually got in the line of ordination.

Above all else, the first precept to not kill is like the pivot of the fan, the essential base for all else. Roshi expanded our awareness so we see beyond not to eat meat, or to kill others.To treasure each minute, the time, our opportunity, everything and anything as expression of the precious life requires huge consciousness. What a precious opportunity it is to be with a a living example like Roshi, who manifests these right here right and now in front of us! After zazen, all were invited to Sogenji this coming November 23rd to Sogenji to witness Plant Funeral of Shougen's parents, where pine trees will be planted along with their ashes in the grounds of Sogenji. All were excited about the opportunity to visit the home of Harda Roshi. More fotos here.

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