To make up with diligence for his inability

Gon wo motte setsu wo oginau 
To make up with diligence for his inability 

This line is from the thirty-second case of the Blue Cliff Record. No one is perfect; it's human to behave unskillfully. Once we know where our faults lie, its up to us to look at them and work on them. When Tei Joza was training with Rinzai, he asked him, "What is the body of the Buddha-dharma?" Rather than answering, Rinzai grabbed Tei Joza by the lapels and hit him. Tei Joza fell over and almost passed out. As long as we rely on explanations and mental habits, we cannot know the true origin of the universe. These blows were one of the ways in which Rinzai could teach Tei Joza through a living process beyond explanation. When Tei Joza was barely able to sit up, one of his seniors said, "Prostrate! The koan is over." Tei Joza immediately prostrated, and for the first time he clearly saw beyond rational understanding and judgment. He had trained diligently, using his practice to work on the aspects of himself that he knew were unripe and undeveloped. In the dojo he did things secretly that no one else wanted to do, such as cleaning the toilet and polishing the floor. Because he had purified his mind in this way, Tei Joza could prostrate naturally, without even thinking, and through this a new life was born. 

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