The sun appears lighting up heaven and earth

Hi idete, kenkon kagayaku
The sun appears lighting up heaven and earth 

This line, spoken by Daito Kokushi, is from the first section of Hakuin's Kaian Kokugo.
 According to tradition, the Buddha was the first human to realize the eternal. This was the source of human liberation, the sun rising after a long night's darkness. When the sun shines, the whole world is bright and clear: the mountains and the rivers, the flowers and the birds, the houses and the people in turn all shine with freshness. When the clouds depart, the mountains' form can be clearly seen. With the great light of the wisdom of the Buddha, we are able to know that all beings are essentially Buddhas. When the clouds of ego are swept away, our dark world instantly becomes one of light. The mountains, the rivers, the woods, the flowers, the birds, the animals, the insects, the people are all wrapped in the Buddha's great light.
 We express gratitude to this great awakening of the Buddha, bowing to the sun rising in the sky. That awakening of eternal wisdom is what guides our Path and that of all humankind. 

Shodo Harada Roshi

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