The person of value

Buji kore kinin 
The person of value is the one who has nothing to do 

These words are from the Record of Rinzai. The Buddha taught a correct way of living, of looking at the world, and of seeing clearly. To free others from confusion, the Buddha taught the awakened Mind's way of seeing. The best way of living is to function from that place where from the beginning there is not a single thing. When no speck of doubt or dualism remains, we see clearly. We are no longer influenced by notions of life and death, good and bad, love and hate, gain and loss. Amid all of these, we will not be pushed around by them. If we live with this wisdom, we come and go freely. When we allow ourselves to be caught, we lose our freedom. We have to throw away our small way of thinking and live in a place where we hold on to nothing whatsoever. It's here that we discover the Buddha, and there is nothing sturdier than the strength that comes from this discovery. There is no greater truth. In a dualistic world we will fumble and fall. When we see with the eyes of the Buddha, we know the joy of the Dharma in daily life. We become one with the heavens and earth, and there is no longer any division between inside and outside. There is no longer a need for doubt and no place for it to arise. The person of value is the one who knows that state of mind of holding on to nothing at all. That is the person who has nothing to do. 

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