The Great Way is without difficulty

Shido bunan
The Great Way is without difficulty 

These words are found in Sanso Kanchi's Affirming Faith in Mind, a guide to practice that is kept close at hand by all monks and practitioners. What is it we have to awaken to? This is the question. What are you? Who am I? What is alive here? In the way of Zen, satori or kensho is not something to be sought somewhere far away; it's that Mind within each of us. To see this is enlightenment; enlightenment, just as it is, is the believing mind. There is no kensho without believing, and no true believing without the experience of kensho. Where do we take refuge in our everyday life? Each day, all day long, we sit and stand and walk and eat and work. The way in which we live and move, the expression of that essence with nothing wasted, is the Path; this is Buddha Nature. Believing in Mind is to know that this Buddha Nature is in all things; that is what is most important. To follow the Great Way we don't imitate someone else but fill the heavens and earth with our own confidence. That which arises from that true Mind we had at birth, that Mind as clear as an autumn sky, is always virtuous. That purity comes from knowing the clear Mind that is the Great Way without difficulties. What is Truth? What is our Original Nature? Our own deep root is the true Path for us to follow.


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