"Tennis and Zen"

I will try to write something practical that I sometimes do with the children:

Before the practice starts, we just stand up straight and we feel what is going on inside of the body... making contact with the earth, warmth of the body, inner life in the body...I ask them if there is rest or restlessness, sadness, happiness, anything they notice is fine and allow them to be there, they just feel the moment.

Then we do a tennis exercises and after the ex we do it again to see what the ex did with them, just standing and feeling what is going on in the body at that moment... not adding the story about the past exercise,can you let the tennis experience go,  by making contact with what you are feeling... if they can not, its fine too, just noticing what is going on... maybe they become angry and then I'll asked if they want to express their anger ? By hitting a ball hard against the wall, or anything else, shouting out loud? Or sadness, maybe they want to cry (never happens though) but just allowing it, makes it seem that it is normal and that it can happen.

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