Tahoma Osesshin September 2014

We recently finished a quiet osesshin in Whidbey Island. The retreat was kindly supported by a clear open sky and a radiant moon for seven days. The Teishos were on the "Entrustment" chapter of the Vimalakirti Sutra. A very precious time for all of us coming together in such a way.
Here are Roshi´s Opening and Closing Poems:

Opening Poem.

The exhaustible and the inexhaustible liberation
is the true Dharma Gate—
From head to toe, strive in aspiration!
Horses cross, donkeys cross—
the living road goes through;
Truly seeing mind-nature is the root of the Mahayana.

Closing Poem.

Words on the emancipation
beyond comprehension,
To believe in and receive this sutra, is to be
bathed in the blessings of compassion.
Reading and reciting,
We come to the close of the teishos.
Training in the mysterious Way
is the root (source) of the Mahayana.

As it happens on every September Osesshin, at the end of the last Teisho we have a memorial service for all the residents who have died in Enso House. Pictures in scrolls with every one of them are placed in the zendo and offerings are made. For this occasion, Roshi offered the following poem:

Enso House Memorial Poem.

For whom do we chant and do prostrations?
Wholeheartedly bright, clear and joyful,
the dark clouds open.
Drinking with you the water of Sogen,
Each drop assuages the thirst
of ten thousand kalpas.

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