Sunday Zazenkai in Sogenji

Every Sunday Sogenji opens its doors to everyone interested in zazen practice. Two periods of zazen with movement in between, is followed by green tea and a talk. The Sangha cleans the grounds earlier today in preparation for the morning guests. Today 10 new people came to Zazenkai, Sogen gave them a brief introduction to the practice, and showed them to their cushion in the Hondo. Among the newcomers where five Boy Scouts, some of them around 9 years old. Yamato San was very impressed when they asked for the keisaku. Roshi San had tea with everybody after zazen and answered some questions. Such a precious way in which Sogenji opens the doors and offers the practice to the Lay community in Okayama.

Early Outside Cleaning


Exercise Period lead by Sogen San

Quiet Hondo

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