Sogenji Update Dcember 2020

On the 8th of December Seitokuin Osho and Ekei Zenji went onto the Takuhatsu with the priests of Okayama in memory of the awakening of the Buddha.

The protective deities still support the sangha with plenty of good food

Some things do not change... Doho does find reasons to make a little fire....

The Roshi going for greetings at Shogakuji Doitsu Osho, one of his oldest Japanese students

Some beautiful bamboo work was done in the jyoju area

Here the impressive zendo at Aida Engineering company, where Roshi since beginning of 2020 teaches Zazen once a month

Chisan genki and keeping the spirits up high in the sangha

While head monk Doho Koji is keeping up the samu beat

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