Sogenji September 2018 update

The first osesshin of the snow training period has been opened by reading the KIKAN exemplars of training, Roshi giving the Opening Poem (see below) and follwed by the chanting of the Daihannya.

Opening Poem
for the Snow training period 2018

The new training period has opened in this old dojo
Polishing the meeting of guest and host -
nothing else that needs to be done.
When for the first time wisdom is met, unclarity becomes obvious]Receiving the life of the ancients -
continuing our efforts in deepening.

Tile from the Sanmon gate have become lose. The sanmon has been repaired many times, yet this time Roshi wants the whole roof to be renewed. A huge undertaking.

The rotten deck of the guest house has been repaired by Fujaku Zenji and made smaller, which is giving Jiko Daishi a chance to make a small garden there.

Due to Roshi's busy schedule this year, we are currently not accepting any new questions at this time

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