Sogenji Desu

The world is full of stories, big ones and little ones. I like the little ones best. It’s all these little stories together that make up the big one. And that’s the story that goes on forever; the one that remains.
Not too long ago, someone called me a ‘Zen writer’. I consider that a great compliment! And I think it’s true: most of my stories have some ‘Zen’ in it. But please remember to think of them as stories, not teachings.
My biggest achievement so far is my book Sogenji desu, in which I tell stories about my time in Zen monastery Sogenji. At the moment I am working on a translation in English (with the help of friends who edit the text for me). I will be pre-publishing some of these stories on this website. The first one - TOSU KUMI - is online now. If you’d like to read it, look here ( http://bertdesu.wordpress.com/2014/03/19/toshi-kumi/)

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