Snow training period 2021 opening Poem

Reiwa 3 nen, setsu an go, nyusei Osesshin

The new training period  - a time of samadhi
On top of KohoKocho, clouds open, fog lifts - a bright world opening up. 
Jade is tested in fire, gold by a black stone. 
In Keikyokurin - who has become the real thing?

A training period only exists for samadhi. That is its only purpose. Samadhi of soji, samadhi of sutra reading, samadhi of zazen, samadhi of samu.

Kohokocho - this is Gokokusan Sogenji´s mountain, on top of this mountain, that is the highest experience of samadhi.

Entering this state of mind - who is the real thing? That needs to be checked. 

Jade is a transparent stone, which is often carved into thin bowls or incense burners - from olden times, many different items are made of jade. 

When you place it into fire, an imitation will break, something cheap will break as well - only true jade does not break. 

Gold used to be used as money, to check whether is was pure gold, some black stone was used to see whether the gold would stick to it or not,

thus seeing whether it was mixed or pure gold. 

Now, let´s se !!!!

How about a true person of training?

Keikyokurin is the name of West zendo in Sogenji, yet who sitting there has become the true master ?

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